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Thursday, September 9, 2010

LS Aristotle VS Space Pirate

This is aristotle speaking to space pirate.  Space pirate, can you read me?

Yes Aristotle, this is Space Pirate, what is up?

I'm not trying to blow up your ship.  You just don't want to do the songs with me!

Well here we go.  It's aristotle vs me.
I'm inside my ship.  Dont look at me.

You didn't write this track.  I wrote this track.

Space Pirate is Analog, too.

The same things upon the tape that you heard.
So why you always got to flip the bird, flip the bird, at me, huh?

I'm not, I'm not flipping the bird
And you are are understanding my words incorrectly.

You don't understand me, I'm Aristotle.

And you, your'e just a Space Pirate too.
So what are you going to do?

Space Pirate doesn't listen to what you say,
Space Pirate only does what he wants to do.
I'm stuck like glue to my ways,
In My Space Pirate Attire

Well let me tell you something...

I'm Space Pirate, I
I reside inside the side of \living my life
and you may never know me

the insurrection of the place from outer space
because i'm space pirate, you'll never find me
You never have corrections.

I don't have no corrections for you because I'm Aristotle
What are you to do?

Because I'm Aristotle, man, and you're a Space Pirate.

I'm the Aristotle Space Man, Parrot from the Land

Because I'm Aristotle, man, and you can deal with it.

From the top of the bottom
I know what's up because I like to rock em.
Rock who?  Rock the crowd.
I play my songs great, and I play them real loud.
And when you hear the track, you can play it to them back.
When you play it in the car
Drive it home, Caddilac.

Caddilac is the thing that you drive
Because the Caddilac is big and it uses much gas.
Plus, it doesn't really go very fast.\

I got a TDI in my driveway
When I go to NY City.
I drive down the avenues driving really fast and plus playing all of my tunes.
And you can download them on the Stereomedia.
That is the name of the ship, yes yes believe in ya.

Space Pirate doesn't advocate this.
He advocates getting it from the torrents.

Don't get your stuff from the Torrents.
Torrents is bad, and torrents is boring.

Because the torrents are free.
This is me.

I'm space Pirate, telling you you can't see.
Get all of these sounds from the torrents
In your town, you know we get down.

Don't get your stuff from the Torrents.
Torrents is bad, and torrents is boring.

You don't even know,
I'm space Pirate I shall go wherever I go
Beacuse I'm Space Pirate.

Space Pirate, you should tell people to get stuff from the torrents.
That's not fair.

you'd rather pay for your music?
they're bluffing and stuff
They're taking your tax, and never giving it back.

Are you willing to let you push your buttons?

Yeah you push your buttons for them.

Well you know I like having a nice roof over my head and all that stuff.

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