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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Balls to the Wall

Uh, press play, yes what did I say?
I don't know.  'Cause I am the Space Pirate, Yo.
The Space Pirate knows.  Space Pirate.

Space Pirate, don't try it.
You don't want to buy it.  I designed it.
Space Pirate, you don't want to try it.
I designed it.  I designed it. 

Space Pirate, you can try it. 
Look into the lies of the disguise, you see the Space Pirate.

You see the Space Pirate on the front of the stage
You wonder why he is quiet, All in a rage.
Inside his mind, Maybe he's mad or maybe he's crazy
Maybe he's just another Space Pirate
On the side of the street, on the side of the street
Why are you looking at me?  You look like a Space Pirate
Looking at me,
You look like a Space Pirate
Don't even try it.  I don't buy it.
You look like a Space Pirate.  A Space Pirate.

Space Pirate died in the modern age
All these other kids riding on the freights
Does the space pirates of the age?
So listen to the man and the words of the sage.
You can't call him lennox lewis.  I see this guy all the time and yes you knew this.
Seeing this man on the back of the train
Like an old hobo that you never knew his name

Eat the same bread and eat the same cabbage
Eat alot of bread when I'm rhyming in the place.
Let them see the earth from the way that the dirt takes them back to the place of their birth.
I think, yes.
I don't want to think stress, I think time is like irrelevant.
making the ball drop, it's insane splashing.
Never think about the time you had cash in your pockets

Why do you lace them, To play basketball son?

You might remember that game way back in the day...
And the laces are full of hatred.
Why do you lace them to play basketball?

Because we used to play it way back in the day
It was called Suicide, and that's what I say.

You'd have to run that gut to the back of the wall

And that was the way that the game was played

Because I Told you how to play suicide now begin

Just throw that ball against the wall.

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