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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Just Different Lyrics

Search the airwaves.
you 're never going to find it.
your'e never going to know
youre never going to hear this
unless you know

who created it
where'd you get it from?
hidden on the internet, deep on my server.
never going to finally get the servos
when you get that silicon crystal

Then put it instrumental
make the beat, and the beat with a pencil
Click the pencil, tip tap,
tip tap when you're writing that?

On the instrumental, put my paper to the pencil
eventually i'll make a mental stencil printed on a paper
and then maybe you can read it.

In the meantime heed it, you, you can best believe it
that i stutter every once in a while, slip on butter
instrumental making the pencil
that's what i'm doing yes it's...
I want to be someone influential
cause i think that we have potential
At the society to do to.
Do something better things than to..
Do something that was posted to.
3000 thousand years before
thousand years before

Do something that the people did 2000 years before
2000 years ago, all the people wanted was a war.
But now we're much older.
We're a much civilized people.

But why do we have Evil?
Why is there still war?

We are still all of a war, and we are so galore
and we do so many things that other people do and blink
twice when you look in their eye
and they never think about what you are thinking about
Yes, that exists.

This is what I will tell:
I am a Space Pirate
Never look back because I am a real space pirate
Space Pirate Instrumental
Space Pirate Influential

Space Pirate Influential

Space Pirate has Influenza!
Space Pirate has bird Fluenza!
Space Pirate doesn't remember!

Doesn't remember anything about the rhymes or the tracks he brings.
To the table when you're listening to
The mixtape on the mic.

I ruined this track.
You want the original?  I can't give it back.
I ruined this track with my voice.  You want you.  You have a choice.
Beacause alive upon the internet on the itunes

Yes, never forget about the people that came before us
Because you don't want to start a warr-us
Because I don't look like a friggin' walrus.
Because I know I ate a whole bag of walnuts.

Because I know this stuff is potent.
Because I know shit is floating in the ocean.
Because I know we have to get out of the situation, yes, no doubt.

In the meantime I'd like to make a rhyme
About some things that I'm doing with my mind
it is so hard to find words to find words
To explain how I feel

Because in the meantime, so potent in the rhyme

Thinking the time, you thinking all about that.
Back in the days, and the days were wack.
Just another damn kid up on the street, guess guess what I did?
Wrote a boo-book and I wrote two more.
inside of my head, and started a war.
Four on each and every side.
Every part of it.  Every part of the ride.

Thinking about what I'm doing with the music?
Rappin over beats, that's what I'm doing.

I made my own home, so you can't get me
you can't have it.  In my home.
All alone and then the lights in my room, no jive. Just this.
All I know to do is rhyme and exist.

And if you have a clue
Of what I'm here to do,

I can make a whole bag of food.
I can be real, real rude.
And my bosses,
Pimping out, my bastards.
My brain, it thinks much faster than them.
So grab your pen.

Cause you never thinking fast cause that's what I am.
Never looking fast cause that's in my eye.
Never can you walk, cause this is the new fly.
Wise guy, and them
I want a marathon full of marijuana
Digging it up from the dusk to the dawn
Why'd you think this is a marathon?
On and on and on and on and holder...
Better hold better hold that fast.

Someday I'll take my car real far
Across the country, that far.

That would be wack,
to do something I'm on a mission

To do something different.

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