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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Analog VS Digital

Available on the Album "SP VS LSA"

You can't control everyone with your simple lies
Yet still on TV and Internet you advertise...

You found your way, and by that I surmise
That with my attack it will come as a big surprise.

You'll find these tapes inside of my spaceship.
As a bitter reminder of why we were so equipped.

We had so long to plan it on our side.
And that's why it is a big surprise.

Your internet keeps us so damned confused.
With the Price is Right and you know you can never lose.

We're stuck like this to the movies like the glue
And you never know what one sniff will do.

So I quarantine myself on my space machine
in a place unheard an you know never seen.

I built this ship, it's my analog dream.
for a way that you know the baseball has the seams.

Unravel the sports.  Unravel the courts today.
I would remix them, one day, the way they play.

We'll change the rules.  The old ones are the fools
if they believe that things will always stay.

You cant control, you cannot stop this change.
And I am the one who is inside the internet.

We hand out change and quarters for the machines.
Phil Cutler's and Jimmy Day's analog machines.

we'll give them things that no one will ever see
like Casperelectronics built by my friend Pete.

I'll freestyle on every single one of the CD's
We'll put it on shelves and make kids all say "Please."

We'll thank them in the karma.  Spread the disease!
But it's not a disease to anyone that sees.

The analog machines, they are the vaccine
For the world we live in, full of digital machines.

Full of digital machines.

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