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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Throw It Out The Window.

I like to Grind
Before I Shine
That's why I play along with 
With All My time.
I like to walk
Before I wall
That's why I fall alot with
In the mall

Hold up mang
Yall gon make me get hyph
drive my sprite and i'm playing excite bike
that's nintendo, make me break a window
riff raff got more comments than a taco bell menu
yellow bone companiion i done left my gramma stranded
on my hands more rocks than the grand canyon
sleep with my heat like a cannons in pajamas
stay showin gramma freestyles was outstanding
in nashville stage show and johnny gill
word from the wheel make you steal nyquill
change topics
night game with lord hobbit
if i was wood you still couldnt knock me
and i'm childish and violent
no more planes!  i'm flying autopilot.
im put on this earth to get paid to drop verse
But on this turf, you gotta hurt and grind first. 

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