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Monday, March 21, 2011

Space Pirate Website Music Calculators

You can't rely on computers to determine your tempo for you, which is why you can use the javascript-built "tempo counter" BPM machine, to determine how fast your songs are going, and thus what songs are compatible, as they must be at similar tempos in order to coincide.

The BPM Counter is available [here].

Another nifty calculator that I didn't steal (one that I actually made) gives you an idea as to what length your sample needs to be, in order to fit into a block of time, depending on that tempo.  For example if you have a measure of audio, and the tempo of your arrangement is 122 BPM, then your loop needs to be 1.967 (that is, 1 second and 976 milliseconds) long, in order to fit.

Good luck with these.  You can find them all at SpacePirate.Co.Uk (search for Tools).

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