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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sequence Your Recycle Files In Reason

OK, so you've made it this far.  There's just one more step to make your music interactive.
Open Reason, and Create a Mixer and a RX2 player.  Should look like this picture to the left.

The top part is the mixer.  One of the dials (actually the one on the far left) controls the volume of the blue thing underneath it.  You can add an additional 14 devices to that mixer on the top, including other mixers, making Reason virtually limitless in the number of simultaneous devices being triggered.

The only limitation to Reason is that you need to install sounds that match the file types that Reason specifies.  In this case, we are using RX2 files that were created specially in Recycle for the sole purpose of being imported into Reason.

Remember the TEMPO that was established way back in iTunes?  You're going to set up this little box so that the tempo actually works out to be the same as the samples that you are about to import.

Now you're going to put in your sample.  There it goes.  The file has been loaded into Reason, and the next step involves getting your sample to sequence properly into the machine.

So here we go.

As you can see, I'm really just repeating the same 4 sections of 1/8 notes.  But it sounds like the original drums from the song.

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