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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Plug Your Music Collection Into Sound Editing Software

Right click on the song that you wish to edit (ctrl+click if you're using a one-button mouse).  An option appears which states "Show In Finder."  Select that.  

Now you will see the file in Finder.

You've got lots of music in your iTunes, much of it you believe that would work well as parts in newer works that you'd like to create.  Remember to categorize it by BPM using the method described in the techniques blog [here].
This article will show you how to bring iTunes into Reason software, using Recycle.  Once you learn it, this will change your music collection forever and grant you honorary SpacePirate status.

From this screen, you can open with the program that I'm recommending, Amadeus Pro.  The reason that this is the software that I'm using is because it was easy to find and relatively inexpensive.  It's also incredibly simple to use.  It's a basic sound editor and you can use it to cut and paste your samples into neatly sliced loops for later plug into your sequencer.

In Amadeus Pro ($60) (or any other basic audio editing program, for that matter), you will find that the file is right in front of you, to copy and edit as you would a bit of text in a word processing editor.
The trick is to find the parts that will work the best with remixing.  The parts that work best are sections of the song that have stripped-down parts, containing either no vocals, or only instruments, such as an introduction part that just contains the beat.

Here, we've located the introduction beat.  Remember that the purpose behind sampling is not just to save time on creating your own beats, when countless humans that came before you have already made tons of drum sequences.  The purpose is to use parts that people recognize, so that the music triggers a familiar sensation in their brain.  The memory function that remixing activates is the reason why eximer technology is relevant.

Next, save the file in a place you can find it later, because it's going to be accessed in a few moments by a different program called Recycle. 

Stay tuned!

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