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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Edit SoundClips In Recycle

Recycle is a nifty program that makes sampling possible in Reason.

It takes WAV files, and converts them into RX2, which can be used with the Dr. Rex Module, inside of the Reason Software.  That's like being able to make a Jpeg compatible with a NES Rom so that you can play it as a videogame.  Very similar.

Open your saved document in the folder that you keep all your WAV cuts.

You are able to see, from this document image that this sound is choppy, meaning that it is probably stripped-down percussion.  Which is helpful when you're editing.

Se the sensitivity of the slice feature up a notch or two, and the computer will automatically sense the beginning of a drum sound wherever there is a drastic increase of noise in the waveform.

Now it can sense the position of each of the sounds in the sample.  Each will be able to be triggered by a note on a keyboard, with the slices at the beginning of the sample at the lower end of a keyboard once it's plugged into Reason.

Go ahead and export that sliced-out beat as an RX2 file so that it can be plugged into the software.

The important thing to remember here is where you're saving things, because in order for these files to be accessed later, they need to be held in a place where they can be located at a later time.  Even if you have to write down on a piece of paper where things are saved, it's better than dismissing the importance of the step in the process when you click CTRL+S and it asks you where.

You can also manually insert these loop slice points with the mouse.  This is a smart idea as well because the computer doesn't always get this perfectly right all the time, and you might find that a different point in the song is the part that you'd really like to trigger.  The more you consider where the triggers are set, the more likely it is that you will have more fun playing around with them once they're in Reason.

Next:  Importing and Sequencing Recycle Samples In Reason.

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