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Saturday, November 2, 2013

More Gripes (A Rhyme While I'm Bored)

Coming up on another ill galaxy
Summing up all the wackness and fallacy
Falling into the weakness and malady
All the kids from the high school of Amity
Overcoming all the obstacle calamity
All the ones with the funds for the fun
And their family begun to take a stake in the sun
Selling off in shares to the best prepared

So you best to be prepared; You best to be aware.
You best to not dare to do the carebear stare.
Standing in your E.T. underwear.
Selling anti-fear pills, makes them scared.

hard like callouses they are;
ferrous like the soil from the planet of mars
Will they funnel all the money into one global currency?
One fiat, one under the sun, you see.

You best to call the deputy.
There's a spot where you can stand right next to me.
I only see equality.

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