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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Don't You Know About That Part 1

come around town with the microphone
all at home when i'm all alone
cant find me when I'm on your lawn
with my john deere, can't get near.
yo, can't get more weird.
kid all on with the all-out beard
don't have nothing when you have no fear
talking around like your name is "old man"
walking around like you're old man sam
walking around with your big bad beard
big bad wolf when you're talking and stuff
cause you dont got nothing?  get on the back of the  bus
even in the meantime, get rust
just like the old man back of the bus
take a walk, down, making you talk
then you play basketball maybe when you get back
dont you know?  don't you know about that?
space pirate only one in the reactern
nuclear reaction cause you know you dont get no traction
you get slipped like the crisco, 
back in the day when we go to St. Aedans
way back in the day.

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