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Monday, May 28, 2012

Greetings! Album Available.

A "LOOPER" album has been released today, May 28th 2012, of Space Pirate Material for your consumption.  It's an interesting concept:  short "loops" have been produced which appear to be an album, when in fact you can do more than just listen to the record straight through.

If you want, you can shuffle the album and the songs still flow.  You can loop a single song, and it will seamlessly repeat ad infinitum.  So if you're just cruising around the Galaxy, and want to listen to it over and again, that's a possibility.

Space Pirate is sample-based music and it's composed 85% of music from Earth, and 15% from space dust and gas.  Many of its components you'll recognize with nostalgia.   Here's the link to the ZIP FILE and here's another to the website page that officially makes the same announcement.

  • Over 300 Samples in 35 Songs.  
  • 42 Minutes of Music.
  • Loop / Shuffle Feature.
  • Original Artwork
  • Formatted for iTunes / iPhone
Enjoy and I hope that more people become aware of the one known as SpacePirate, who is just getting started here in this Galaxy.  If you're curious about the techniques, just check out this blog.  Example....

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